Business Development

Our consultants work as an efficient and cohesive team to help clients in developing a clear market entry strategy and business plan. We are experienced in developing more effective business strategies and detailed plans in China since our consultants have an in depth knowledge of the business environment in the Greater China area.

◎ Establishment of operating location in Taiwan, in China ◎ Outsourcing business in Taiwan, in China
◎ Assist clients in reducing risk of investment  


AngolaFrance、Israel、Hong Kong、Los Angeles、Macau、Mozambique、New York、Portugal、Singapore、Taiwan



Every consultant at our corporation has professional expertise in his/her practice. Additionally, our consultants and lawyers can be quickly formed in multi-services team to meet requirements of our clients. We assist international corporations in developing business in the world and setting up operations, especially in the greater China region of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.