Our service

Founded in 1991, IBT is a management consulting company which assists clients for developing a clear market entry strategy in the greater China region of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. With professional consultants developing commercial service in the world, at present the services include twenty areas such as marketing strategy, internet advertising, foreign investment, criminal defense, business analyses etc.

Because of IBT's efforts of long-term, it has won a fine reputation and obtained many clients’ trust. Thus, IBT has been invited as the consultant of
YINGKE Law Offices of China, which is the largest law firm in China. Continuous international cooperation for twenty years has allowed IBT to develop highly-specialized and efficient service ability.





New York, Chicago, London, Milan, Verona, Warsaw, Budapest, Brussels, Istanbul, Singapore, Seoul Tel Aviv Dubai, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Moscow, Madrid, Lisbon、Taiwan



Every consultant at our corporation has professional expertise in his/her practice. Additionally, our consultants and lawyers can be quickly formed in multi-services team to meet requirements of our clients. We assist international corporations in developing business in the world and setting up operations, especially in the greater China region of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.